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If 'Oui' were in Webster's Dictionary, 'Oui' think it would say:

Oui Dezine
Pronunciation: \we dezin\
Function: Friendly people offering professional design, marketing, and technology services to help small to medium sized companies grow, make more money, market a product or service, or become more attractive in general.

Etymology: French Riviera, of business and technology origin; akin to Southern California, of design origin;

Def 1 : A creative media agency helping small and medium sized companies grow through a unique and customized way of packaging design and marketing services.

Def 2 : A: An independent botique company offering everything you need to have a well-designed, well-marketed online presence. B: 'Oui' manage that presence for you.

Def 3 : Service used by professionals and entrepreneurs alike to create websites that can be managed without having to learn a single line of code. Ex: 'Oui' do the work, the technical stuff, and the training to create an invaluable tool you can use to grow your business.

Def 4 : Professional and friendly people for hire to build websites, build a brands, and/ or market a product or service.